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Moyee Coffee is Fairchain coffee, meaning that there is no multinational involved. Hand-picked, perfectly roasted coffee beans and packaged in the country of origin.


It is an excellent coffee bean for espresso, lungo, macchiato and cappuccino, but also any other coffee you want to enjoy


Moyee's goal is to revolutionize the way coffee is grown, roasted, transported and traded. By also roasting in the country of origin, more local ties are created and more profit remains for the coffee farmers, roasters and their families. Admittedly, Moyee coffee is a bit more expensive than some coffee beans in the supermarket, but on the other hand you get very good coffee for a really fair price. Because after all, coffee is enjoyment.


Moyee is the Ethiopian word for mortar. Ethiopia (then Abyssinia) is the cradle of coffee. The beans used are both Luma and Jimma beans, both 100% Arabica beans: the best there are! The Limu beans have a cupping score of 80, which means they can bear the name '100% specialty beans'. Compared to other coffee brands, Moyee has the better quality coffee beans.

Moyee Coffee

  • Ethiopian arabica roasted coffee beans

  • FairChain coffee is the future of coffee! FairChain is a real production-consumption relationship between local entrepreneurs and consumers. With normal coffee, about 98% of the added value of your cup of coffee disappears into the pockets of multinationals and their wealthy shareholders. We think that should be different! Instead of exporting unroasted green beans, and therefore the added value, FairChain roasts the beans locally and the beans are roasted and exported. This leaves more added value in the coffee-producing country. This simple shift in the coffee chain improves the lives of millions of people in a radical and positive way. You win with a great coffee for a normal price and the local entrepreneurs win with a larger yield. Coffee wins, worldwide. Would you like more information about FairChain? Then take a look at the FairChain Foundation website. This way you can also learn more about traceability with blockchain technology.


    Why is FairChain better than Fairtrade?

    'Fair trade' coffee is a respectable idea, which assures local entrepreneurs a minimum price in exchange for growing and exporting unroasted coffee beans to coffee-drinking countries. It is a good step, but the impact is less than we had hoped. It only reduces poverty on a modest scale. The founder of Moyee Coffee immersed himself in coffee and realized it was time to think bigger, to make radical changes. At Moyee Coffee they call this new way of thinking FairChain. They are a 50/50 company, which means that Moyee and the entrepreneurs each own half. The entrepreneurs take care of picking and roasting the coffee and Moyee takes care of the sales. Because the chain is neatly divided, a much larger part of the fair price goes to the coffee farmers and local coffee roasters.

    Moyee Coffee is mainly served in the catering industry and at small-scale festivals. You can also go there with a reusable coffee cup. You naturally drink good coffee-to-go from a reusable cup that has been developed for the best preservation of aroma and taste. Take, for example, the beautiful glass KeepCup! or the exclusive porcelain cups from Villeroy & Boch. View our extensive range of coffee and tea cups elsewhere in the webshop.

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